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We would like to welcome everyone to another fantastic year at Chico Junior! This year marks many new milestones in our school history! The arrival of 6th graders, extensive campus upgrades, the new Science buildings, on-line registration and our new student store, the Cougar Den! These new additions add to the energy and anticipation we feel at the opportunity to provide all our students with a quality educational experience.

As a staff, we remain dedicated to doing everything possible to help every student achieve at their highest level. We believe every student can and should be successful in school. In this effort, we have built many learning support systems into our school day to give students additional opportunities to be successful.

Along with our parents and students, we truly are a team working together for the achievement of all students.

Welcome to our team and please let us know what we can do to support your student!!


We encourage parents to be educated regarding current dangerous trends with which some of our youth feel the need to experiment. There are many trends listed on-line. Here are a few trends which we have seen in Chico schools recently. 

Purple Drank: This drink was made popular in the hip-hop community. It is created by mixing prescription cough syrup and either carbonated drink or fruit juice with an optional jolly rancher candy for sweetness. Consumption of this drink can lead to impaired motor-skills and drowsiness. For further information: Purple Drank
Xanax: Around school, they can be referred to as 'bars', 'zanies', 'planks', and 'hulks', due to their green, pea-like shape. The effects of this drug can cause one to look drunk, slurring of words, drooping head and psychomotor retardation. For further information: Xanax
THC Jolly Rancher and Gummy Bears: Perhaps the fastest growing trend due to the ease of their accessibility and low price. This is created by melting down a regular candy and mixing it with honey oil or hash. They are then rewrapped, making them very difficult to detect. For further information: TCH Jolly Rancher/Gummy Bears
Sharpie Shock Challenge: Students draw a black mark using a sharpie pen on their body. They then use the flash from their cell phone and take a pic of the black mark. The ink reacts with the flash, causing a shock. For further information: Sharpie Shock Challenge

We encourage all parents to have discussions with their children about these and other activities in which students could inadvertently put themselves or others in danger.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, contact CJHS Principal, Pedro Caldera by phone at 891-3066 or email Mr. Caldera.


If your student will be absent from school for five or more day, please give at least 3 days notice to the attendance office. This will ensure there is adequate time to provide your student with their assignments.
California State law requires that all incoming 7th grade students get a Pertussis booster shot, called the Tdap booster, before starting junior high. Students who have not received this shot prior to the beginning of the upcoming school year on August 18, 2016, will not be allowed to start junior high.
Please click this link for additional information: Tdap Parent Information
If you need information on enrolling your student at Chico Junior High School, please click here: Enrollment Information.
For information on California Common Core State Standards, please click here:


Click here for more information on our before and after school BLAST program! Don't forget to check out the photos from basketball, soccer and Ron's Reptiles, during our Summer Camp!

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