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Welcome to XC!

What is XC and what does it stand for? XC stands for Cross Country. It is an aerobic sport originally designed to get track athletes in shape for spring track season. Today it is its own sport with a rich tradition and a great opportunity for runners of all abilities to come together to contribute to a common goal while pursuing individual and team excellence.
Jr. High Cross Country is designed to be an introduction to the sport of running. Prior experience is not required. Runs will take athletes off campus, thus for their safety and staying with the pack we do expect athletes to run, not walk.  Athletes should be able to run 1 mile without walking. Cross Country Athletes will learn proper running techniques as they build their stamina while having lots of fun. Race distances will vary between 1.3 to 2 Miles.
The season will run the months of September to October with competitive races against our local Jr. High Schools. 


Danny DiMeo:

Danny has been running since he was 14, including competitively in high school and college.  He has been coaching middle school runners since 2018 as a coach for the Chico Striders. Danny builds confidence in his runners while sharing his passion for the sport and believes in making the sport fun for his athletes.
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