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Science Teachers


Tony Chinchay

Room 103


Kelly Sullivan

Room 101

Del Real

Kristen Del Real

Room 506


Roy Tadeo

Room 306

All classes meet the California Science Content Standards for California Public Schools for Grades 6-8.

7th Grade Life Science

The seventh grade life science class is a comprehensive introduction to biology.  Following the California State Science Standards, the course includes units in the following areas; scientific tools and technology, cells, genetics and classification, evolution and Earth's history, body systems and physical science concepts as they relate to body systems. 

All teachers use a variety of activities, labs and hands-on experiences to bring and understanding of the curriculum to all students. This course also serves as a foundation for the concepts that will be covered in much greater depth in a high school biology course.  This year long course also includes aspects of the middle school health guidelines that are recommended by the California Department of Education.

8th Grade Physical Science

8th grade science is a class designed to give students the opportunity to enhance their study, writing, and organizational skills.  It will also increase their knowledge of science through problem solving activities, research projects, and laboratory investigation.  The content includes physical science emphasizing motion and forces, the structure of matter, chemistry, the Periodic Table, density and buoyancy.  Content also includes astronomy in the area of earth science.

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