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Ashley La Croix - Attendance

Ashley LaCroix

Ashley La Croix

Ext. 40115

Need to Report an Absence or Excuse your Student for an Appointment?

Attendance Office: (530) 891-3066, then press 1
If you need to report an absence, or excuse your student for an appointment, please email or call Ms. Ashley.

Attendance Policies

Please call or email Ms. Ashley whenever your student is absent.  Please provide the following information:
  • Student's Name
  • Date of the Absence
  • Reason for the Absence
  • Your Name
Leaving Campus:  Off-Campus Permits
  • Send your student with a note to the Attendance Window stating your student's first and last name, the reason, the time they need to leave campus, and your name. Your student will receive a call slip, which they will show the teacher when it is time to leave class. Your student can conveniently meet you in the front of the school.
  • Email or call the Attendance Office and a call slip will be sent to your student. They will show the pass to the teacher when it is time to leave class and can conveniently meet you in the front of the school.
** Students must always enter and exit from the front of the school when leaving during school hours. Students must check back in at the Attendance Office when returning from an Appt.
Tardy Policy

Students tardy to 2 or more class periods in the same week will be assigned a lunch detention or campus clean up.
Independent Study
If your student will be gone for 3 or more consecutive days (not to exceed 15 days) you can sign up for Independent Study by contacting Ms. Ashley at the Attendance Office. Contract must be signed at least 1 week prior to dates your student will be absent. Your student is responsible for speaking to their teachers for all work they will need from teachers at least 1 week prior to planned absences. Student will receive credit for their absences if they complete all work assigned. 

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