WELCOME! We offer many services to our students here at Chico Junior High who need alternative programs to succeed in school.

Our department is a team!
Resource Specialists: Michelle Gavin
Special Day Teachers: Karen Neuman, Sherri Phelan and Ashley Trulock
Instructional  Aides: Cara Bowen, Craig Bourne, Kelly Cornell, Karissa De Jong, Kom Dixon, Sheryl Kennedy, Jay Nelson, Barbara Palmer and Marcy Reise.

Our goal is to ensure the success of our students in junior high and prepare them for high school.




Resource Specialist
Room 305

                                                                          Kom Dixon   
Instructional Aide


Special Day Teacher
Sherri Phelan
Room 311

                                                  Instructional Aide



Special Day Teacher
Karen Neuman
Room 409

Instructional Aide:
Kelly Cornell 

Resource Teacher
Long Term Sub
for Michelle Friedrichs
Room 300
Instructional Aide
Marcy Reise
Instructional Aide


Speech Language Pathologist
Main Office
Instructional Aide
                                                      Kevin Svahn
                                                     Instructional Aide
Resource Teacher
Room 401
                                                      Instructional Aide
                                                          Craig Bourne
                 Additional Instructional Aides to
                             Karen Trulock:
Cara A. Bowen                           Karissa De Jong
Sheryl Kennedy                            Barbara Palmer