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NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all images displayed on this history page are from the yearbooks of either Central School or Chico Junior High School and are now considered within the public domain with no copyright restrictions. Progress on this page will be on-going. Check back soon for PDF's of yearbooks from the beginning of Chico Junior, once a file size limitation for upload can be worked out. 
Historical building photo

Construction on Central School was completed in 1902. Located at W. 2nd St. and Ivy St, on the site of the new Chico State Library, it was the first high school in Chico. After 51 years and over 38,000 students walked up it's front steps for an education, the school was demolished on 12-1-1953.
(Photo from Central School, Argonauts, 1951)


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The Central School Principal was Mr. Loren Andrews. The last yearbook published before the school was demolished, was The Argonauts, 1953.

(Principal's Message from the last yearbook from Central School, Argonauts, 1953.)

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Historical photo
General construction information for Chico Junior High School. 
(Information from official Chico Junior High School dedication ceremony, January 31, 1954.)

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The principal of Central School, Mr. Loren Andrews, was the first principal of Chico Junior. Here is Mr. Andrew's Principal's Message for Chico Junior High School's first yearbook, Argonauts, 1954.

(From CJHS yearbook, Argonauts, 1954.)


Back in the 1950's, there were no computers to lay out a page design with Adobe InDesign, no Microsoft Office with WORD and Word Art to create exciting and eye catching titles. But they had many creative students and inspiring teachers who ensured each edition of the yearbook was fun to read and filled with variety.

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