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Welcome to the Chico Junior High Art Department.
 We're proud to provide several different avenues for our students to pursue their art experience.

Ms. Isla

Room 403
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The curriculum is designed to develop Art knowledge, skills and understanding as well as the development of boarder academic skills within the following 4 areas; responsible citizen, effective communicator, advanced thinker and lifelong learner.

“You will learn how to make and appreciate Art but you will also practice and develop things like patience, persistence, effective communication, self reflection and creative problem solving skills.                                                             

Art will be studied via projects and rarely one off assignments. Projects aim for real world applications and connections. Projects will explore mediums, techniques, Art history and the elements and principles of Art through the context of themes.

“You will learn about other subjects through Art and discover ways to apply what you have learned in other areas of your life both now and in the future. Most of your work will be on display or have a purpose beyond the learning and the grade.”


Art 1

Length: Semester class

Focus: Drawing, painting and mixed media Art.

Requirements: None

Possible Projects: The Shoe, Inside Out Landscape, Letter Design, The Still Life, Cartoon Character, Abstract Street Art, Red Ribbon and Bug’s Life.


Art 2 (Advanced)

Length: Yearlong class (1 or more years)

Focus: Drawing, painting, mixed media Art, sculpture, ceramics and print making.

Requirements: Art 1 is a prerequisite for Art II. Art teacher approval must also be acquired.

Possible Projects: Figures and Faces, Figure Me Out, Empty Bowls, Sunshine Lollipops, Body Parts, Identity Mask, Paper Cut, Contrast, Resilience and Famous Faces.

Students are encouraged to manipulate the set curriculum and personalize projects. Students will gather their own project research within a given theme and develop objectives aligned with set learning goals. There will be an emphasis on Artistic discussion, idea development, exhibition and presentation of work. Students will create and maintain school Art displays and murals.

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