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Are you unsure of registration deadlines? Interested in Measure E spending? Curious about the food served in our school cafeterias? The Chico Unified School District is now on Facebook! Be the first to learn about new programs, how to handle emergency situations and see all the great things happening at our schools!

You can search for Chico Unified School District on Facebook – type “Chico USD” – or use the link at the bottom of our website home page:

Additionally, Chico Junior also now has a Facebook page! Click here to access our Facebook page!: Chico Junior Facebook

Chico Junior "Wish List"

Please check back often as items will be added and removed based on needs.  This is an excellent opportunity to help the staff and students by simply helping fill the gaps.

Thank you for your generosity.

 "Wish List"
acetone (nail polish remover)
books in spanish (any topic for SSR)
 books - The Hunger Games trilogy - class set for classroom library
colors pencils 
dish soap
dry erase markers for students
DVDs of all Ken Burns documentaries
headphones for use in computer lab
Kleenex (the soft kind)
landscaping plants for campus beautification
(nice shrubs, flowering perennials, new zeland flax, azaleas, roses)
rewards for Intramurals (prizes students would like to receive)
rubbing alcohol (90%)
tables - three 6 or 8 feet folding tables
VCR/DVD player
white boards ( about $20.00 each) 
zip lock quart size bags
zip lock sandwich bags

Parent Involvement Opportunities

We welcome parent involvement at Chico Junior High School. Research shows that students whose parents are involved in their education generally achieve higher grades and test scores, attend school regularly, do their homework consistently and exhibit positive attitudes and behavior.

Please visit the school office anytime and stay in touch with your student's teachers and counselor.  See the
Staff Directory for phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

We also welcome community participation, including donations of time, money, materials and expertise.

To help you know what's going on at school, check out these services for parents and community members:



Join the
Parent-Teacher-Student Association and stay involved with your student's education.

Procedural Changes and Enforcement Policies

Chico Jr. High Procedural Changes

And Enforcement Policies

Thank you, parents for helping to support our efforts to be consistent in dealing with our school policies.  Please note, that under Dress Code, we've added a definition to help clarify what we consider "short" shorts.  

Early student pickups - Students must be signed out by a parent/guardian or another adult on their emergency card at the attendance window if they are leaving campus before the end of the school day.  Students must sign back in at the attendance office if they return to school before the end of the day.
Dress Code - We have noticed a large number of female students wearing what most would consider "short" skirts and shorts with the warm weather. We will be using a new definition of "short" this year.  If a student holds her arms straight down at her sides, her skirt/shorts must extend at least to the end of her finger tips. This interpretation of the rule gives students a consistent way of knowing what we consider "short" and of assuring that they are appropriately dressed for school. The first semester teachers will give the student a warning if she is breaking this rule and tell the student not to wear the skirt or shorts again. In the second semester and beyond, students will be referred to the office for this offense; they will earn detention and be required to change.

Are you a student, parent, or community member? Keep in touch with us: