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"Giving every student the chance to succeed!"


CFS is:

  • A productive, quiet location for students to catch up on missing assignments in each of their classes

CFS is not:

  • A study hall

Criteria for assigning students to CFS:

  • Missing or incomplete assignments which affect grades
  • Teacher discretion based on student performance

Benefits of attending CFS:

  • Staff available to support students
  • A quiet place for students to complete work
  • Missing assignments available
  • An opportunity to complete missing assignments to help prevent failure of a class and ensure promotion.
CFS Schedule

Prior to lunch, students are notified if they have been assigned to CFS for that day. They are to report to their assigned CFS room immediately at the beginning of their lunch period. About 20 minutes into the period, CFS students are escorted to the cafeteria for their lunch. Upon their return to their CFS class, they continue to work on their CFS assignments. If students complete their work during the lunch period, they may be immediately released.

Note to parents: We are a "TEAM" for success! 

If your student is assigned to CFS, it is NOT optional. If your student skips CFS, it will be dealt with as cutting any other class. Any CFS work completed over the weekend must be turned into their assigned CFS class in order to be cleared from CFS. We appreciate your help and support by encouraging your student to attend CFS in order to improve their grade. Once they have completed all of their missing assignments, they will be released from CFS.
Your student's success in school is very important to all of us at Chico Junior. Our desire is for ALL students to be successful. We encourage students to utilize the assistance offered in CFS to prevent them from falling behind.
If you need additional information on CFS, please contact Principal Pedro Caldera at or (530) 891-3066, ext. 40111

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