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Image of Shakespeare


will have loads of information for you, and it is completely reliable. You will likely find the best information from EA (Encyclopedia Americana).

         Don't worry about capitalization.
         Spell correctly.
         Do not use words like the, a or an.


        You will find excellent information from the following websites: If, for some reason you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please do not hesitate to let us know.
Mrs. Christopher and Ms. Jones are all here to assist you in the research process!

Power Point Presentations

 Your research will be presented in a Power Point format. Here are a few guidelines for creating your Power Point:

  • Go to the START menu at the bottom left of the start-up screen.
  • Select Microsoft Office, then Microsoft Power Point.
  • Open Power Point, and begin a new project.
  • You must have a Title slide. (This will be the first one, of course.)
  • You will follow with four subject slides, as you have outlined in your storyboard. You must use the storyboard as a tool to plan what material - including facts, images, maybe even music, you will present on your Power Point slides.
  • Make sure that when you take notes from books and web sources that you're also making notes about where your info is coming from! Not only will this be mega-important for your Works Cited page, but also will help you in case you want to visit the sites or review the books again.
  • Be practical: don't over-do it. A great Power Point should not be complicated with lots of animation or fancy fluff-n-stuff. You can easily make it interesting without being overwhelming. Keep in mind that you want to capture your audience's attention and hold it -- with real info, not glam! P.S. Making the font larger will not make your teacher think that you have more to say. Be real. :^)

 Graphic of Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth I
The Globe Theatre
 Graphic of Shakespear play
A scene from Midsummer Night's Dream


Your Works Cited Page is important because it shows, in an MLA format, what resources you used for your project. Because you are relying on other experts for your information, you have to give them credit. Please use the following sites and documents to help with this step of your research:

Bibme is a great place to start when you need a free citation made!

Knight Cite is another useful citation maker

Use this Works Cited page to list your citations.

  • Make sure that after you open the document and begin to add to it, that you SAVE it to your folder. Try saving it as WCS + your initials.