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The 8th grade class will be promoting on Thursday June 1, 2023 @ 6:30pm

Promotional certificate portfolios will be distributed at the south side of the gym, immediately following the promotion ceremony.   


Parking will be available on our basketball court area.  Please do not park in the Wells Fargo Bank parking lot on Camellia Way or the Butte County offices parking lot on the west side of Oleander Avenue.

If your child will not be promoting, you will be notified by the beginning of the last week of school by our counseling staff.  Year-end report cards will be posted within Aeries by Monday June 6th @ 1:30pm.  

Thank you for sharing your students with us for the last couple of years.  The three years always go by so quickly.  Please feel free to call us at 891-3066 with any questions that you may have regarding the schedule for the end of the year.  


The last week of school is just around the corner! Advance preparation will ensure a successful milestone event in your student's academic career. All the fun and excitement of the last week of school seems to be marred for some of our students by incidents which we hope to prevent. Following is a list of tips which we hope will help you ensure that your student takes care of things which need to be done to ensure a happy last week of school.




Gentlemen are asked to wear nice pants and a collared shirt. Ties are optional. Ladies dress in nice sundresses or something similar.  High-heeled shoes are not recommended due to safety issues on the grass and ramp. 


Thursday June 1, 2023 @ 6:30pm. 

  • There will be a drop-off area in front of the school to accommodate our elderly and physically challenged guests. 
  • Parking will be available on our basketball court, the blacktop near the gym. Please do not park in the Wells Fargo Bank parking on Camellia Way or in the Butte County offices parking lot on the west side of Oleander Ave
  • Students must not carry anything in their hands during the ceremony
  • Parents may not enter the student seating area until after the ceremony
  • Students must not leave their seat until the ceremony is over 
  • Students will go to the back of the field near the gym after the ceremony to pick up their certificate. They will be handed out to the student only, not to adults
  • Promotion takes place on The Great Wahl Field which runs along Oleander Ave. Please bring lawn chairs for your family and guests as chairs will not be provided. Chairs can be placed on the field starting at 3:00pm, day of the ceremony. 
  • Please be considerate with balloons and keep them to the side of the seating area so you are not blocking the view of other families who are also eager to see their student graduate 
  • Please ensure that younger family members are under direct supervision of their families
  • Restrooms are available at the east end of the gym

Thank you for your help.  Hopefully, this will be a great time for all involved!



Counselors at each junior high shall be responsible for the promotional requirement program, monitoring student progress and recommending appropriate remediation as needed.  Counselors shall consult with a student's language arts, reading and/or mathematics teachers to determine academic progress toward district established standards in reading, language arts and mathematics.


Outstanding overdue books:  If your student has any overdue library books/textbooks they are encouraged to return and/or pay for them before their promotion ceremony. Please come by the library to return them. 


Credits:  A student will earn 50 out of 60 credits each year for promotion to the next grade, including credits earned in a remediation/intervention program.  A student must go to summer school if he/she fails the same class both semesters.


Semester Grades:  Credits will be calculated by semester, but reviewed quarterly to identify students in need of participation in the remediation/intervention program.


Attendance:  A student must attend a minimum of 85% of total school days each year.


Review Committee:  A review committee comprised of the principal/designee, counselor, parent, student and any other person deemed relevant by the parent or school will be established at each site to consider special circumstances of students not meeting the promotional requirements.


Remediation/Interventions:  R/I strategies may include, but are not limited to, a class within the daily schedule, an after school class, Saturday school or Alternative Education placement.  A student may begin R/I as deemed necessary by the parent/guardian and school officials.  Strategy will be prescribed based upon the diagnosed reason for the student's deficiency.  Services shall be offered on a space available basis.


Credit:  A student may earn 5 credits for a failed semester class when he/she successfully completes an R/I strategy and minimal proficiency, as determined by the R/I Team.  A student must attend a minimum of 85% of the days in the R/I strategy.

Promotion: If your child will not be promoting, you will be notified by the beginning of the last week of school by our counseling staff. 
Participation: Administration reserves the right to deny participation in promotion ceremonies to any 8th grader who has been suspended during the 2nd semester.

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