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Contact Informaition

Clicking on the staff email name will take you to the staff member's direct email or you may call them using the phone and extension numbers listed below. Thank you. 

John Gunderson - Principal

John Gunderson John Gunderson (530) 891-3066 ext. 40111

Felix DeLuna - Assistant Principal

Felix DeLuna Felix DeLuna (530) 891-3066 ext 40113

Chase Redkey - Intervention Specialist

Chase Redkey Chase Redkey (530) 891-3066 ext 40174

Ashley LaCroix - Attendance Office

Ashley LaCroix Ashley LaCroix (530) 891-3066 ext 40115 

Penny Melvin - Registrar

Penny Melvin Penny Melvin (530) 891-3066 ext 40116

Suzanne Snow - Account Tech

Suzanne Snow (530) 891-3066 ext 40118

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