Yearbook - Your Favorite Teacher

Please click the below link to take this survey for the yearbook. Thank you!

8th graders only! 


Yearbook - Your Favorite Teacher



This course is designed to teach the skills necessary to produce the school yearbook, immortalizing the memories of an entire school year. 

Are you taking great photos of students? We need them for the yearbook! Please share them with the yearbook staff by:

Uploading to: www.HJeSHARE.com

School Code: cjhscougars
Easy Instructions:
  • After accessing the above site, locate the photo you want to upload.
  • To upload more than one photo at a time, Ctrl-click on each filename. You can upload 10 files at a time. 
  • Once photos are uploaded, click on each filename to enter information about each image. This will assure the information in the yearbook is correct, if the photos are used. 
  • Click 'Submit Image Information' when you are done. 
NOTE: Not all submitted photos are able to be used in the yearbook. But yours definitely won't be, if you don't submit them, so go for it!